Remaining 2022 meetings are:

7.00 p.m.
Tuesday 4 October
Junction Park SS HallReports
7.00 p.m.
Tuesday 1 November
Junction Park SS HallPre-Meeting BBQ & Policy Topic
7.00 p.m.
Tuesday 6 December
To be confirmedReports

Important Dates (Next Meeting)

Next Meeting DateMinutes (Previous Meeting) ReleasedNotice of Meeting/
(Business with Notice due)
Tuesday 4 October 202220 September 2022Noon, 27 September 2022

Previous and Current Business (2022)

Motions TabledMeetingStatus
Repeal of Political Campaigners Bill1 Feb 2022Adopted
Coalition’s religious discrimination bill (1)1 Feb 2022Adopted
Coalition’s religious discrimination bill (2) 1 March 2022Adopted
Local government electoral reform (Multi-member Wards)1 March 2022Adopted
Treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons5 April 2022Adopted
Public ownership of renewable energy production3 May 2022Adopted
Australian Research Council funding3 May 2022Adopted
Amendments to Container Deposit Legislation3 May 2022Adopted
Life Membership for Owen Doogan3 May 2022Adopted
Albanese Labor Government7 June 2022Adopted
Condolence Motion – Owen Doogan7 June 2022Adopted
Criminal Code reform (Child Sex Abuse)5 July 2022Adopted
Amendments to Identity Documentation5 July 2022Adopted
Enduring Labor Values (Secularism)2 August 2022Adopted
Affirmative Action for First Nations people 2 August 2022Adopted
Palestine (Recognition of)2 August 2022Adopted
Enduring Labor Values – preventing transphobia6 Sept 2022Adopted
LGBTIQ+ health6 Sept 2022Adopted
Human rights for sex workers6 Sept 2022Adopted
Births, Deaths & Marriages Documentation for parents6 Sept 2022Referred
Criminal Code reform6 Sept 2022Referred
Medicare6 Sept 2022Adopted
Jobs and Skills Summit6 Sept 2022Adopted

Scheduled Policy Topics (2022)

Policy Discussion TopicMeetingStatus
ALP’s new climate change policy1 Feb 2022Completed
Why a federal ICAC is essential to our democracy5 April 2022Completed
Where next for Federal Labor?7 Jun 2022Completed
Improving housing accessibility 6 Sept 2022Completed

Past and Scheduled Visitors (2022)

1 February 2022Graham Perrett MP, Mark Bailey MP
1 March 2022Mark Bailey MP
3 May 2022Mark Bailey MP
7 June 2022Mark Bailey MP