About Us

Annerley Labor - Progressive. Active. Local.
Annerley Labor – Active. Local. Progressive.

Formed in March 2001,  Annerley Labor is a progressive and active local branch of the Australian Labor Party, comprising a diverse membership who are passionate about making our nation more socially and economically just and environmentally sustainable.

Our members are not only active in the union movement but also in our community, with many regularly volunteering for local services, organisations and events.

Annerley Labor is also well known for its strong advocacy for a more democratic and inclusive Labor Party.

Many of our members have played active roles in Party organisations such as Labor Women, Young Labor, Rainbow Labor, Queensland Indigenous Labor Network, Labor Environmental Action Network, Multicultural Labor, Labor Enabled, Labor for Refugees and Labor Friends of Palestine.

Although we currently cover Annerley, Fairfield, Tarragindi and part of Buranda, Labor supporters in the federal seats of Griffith and Moreton are most welcome to join us.

Our Mission

(a) promote the objectives and platforms of the Australian Labor Party,
(b) assist in the election of endorsed candidates for federal, state and local government by participating in fundraising and election campaigns promote and encourage membership of the Party,
(c) promote and encourage membership of the Party,
(d) encourage Branch members to develop strong links with local communities, engage in local community activities and participate in local community organisations,
(e) support the development and training of local Branch members,
(f) promote and develop the policies and platform of the Party and encourage Branch members to participate in all Party forums, and
(g) engage in social activities to provide fellowship amongst Branch members”.

Our Vision

“To be an active and innovative local Branch of the Australian Labor Party that encourages member participation, fosters a diversity of opinions and views, contributes to the formation and implementation of Labor Party policy and rules, and engages with our community”.

Our Values

Annerley Labor believes that democratic socialism is the true and fundamental political philosophy of the Australian Labor Party. We support the democratic socialisation of industry, production, distribution and exchange, to the extent necessary to eliminate exploitation and other anti-social features in these fields.

Annerley Labor upholds and promotes the following values:

  • freedom – our Branch supports the ideal that all persons should be able to shape and give meaning to their own lives, protected by fundamental and inalienable human rights and free from oppression.
  • equality – our Branch supports the concept of social and political equality and the elimination of all forms of discrimination.
  • social co-operation – our Branch seeks to work with others in the labour movement, in our community and internationally, to promote social cohesion and control, justice, self-determination and peace.
  • democracy — our Branch believes that governance of our society should be based on a genuinely democratic, republican and representative system that values public participation and is accountable, transparent and ethical.
  • social justice – our Branch promotes the existence of a just, secular, rational and inclusive society where our rights are protected and enforceable by law and where economic activity promotes the well-being of all by fulfilling human needs, free from exploitation.
  • equity – our Branch encourages civic participation from all persons, regardless of their background and culture.
  • environmental sustainability – our Branch believes that social and economic activity must be environmentally sustainable, with adequate protections that promote and safeguard the bio-diversity of our planet.

Branch Governance

Annerley Labor is a democratic local branch of the Australian Labor Party with decision-making vested in regularly constituted general meetings of its members. Our member meetings are responsible for the election of our Executive, other office-bearers and various delegates, as well as the adoption of resolutions on policy and other matters. For a basic summary of our structure, please click here.

Our key governance principles are to ensure that our Branch is:

    • Democratic  – Giving all members a say in the strategic direction of the Branch.
    • InclusiveEnsuring all members are able to participate in the Branch and its activities.
    • Efficient – Performing in the best possible manner using available resources.
    • Effective  – Achieving our goals by planning, managing & evaluating our activities, performance and risks.
    • Equitable  – Treating all members in a fair, impartial and consistent manner.
    • Innovative – Examining new ways of functioning by undertaking continuous improvement.
    • Accountable – Regularly reporting to members and operating in a responsible and transparent manner.
    • Ethical – Undertaking all duties and responsibilities with integrity and honesty.
    • Compliant – Operating in accordance with all relevant rules and legislation.

Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians

Annerley Labor australian_aboriginal_flagacknowledges the traditional custodians of the land upon which we live, organise and meet – the Jagera people and the Turrbal people. We pay our respects to their Elders – past, present and emerging. We also acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.