Vale Catherine Bermingham

B3finalWe would like to pay tribute to Catherine Bermingham who passed away suddenly this week at her home in Toowoomba.

Catherine was a long time member of the Annerley Branch, whose membership of the Australian Labor Party spanned four decades.

She served with distinction as a Brisbane City Councillor for 11 years, representing the ward of East Brisbane. During that time, she held the positions of Chairperson of Council and Chairperson of the Community Services Committee.

As a Councillor, Catherine was well known and respected as a strong advocate for her local community which included the implementation of many long lasting greenspace and liveability projects that included the Bowies Flat Wetlands and the upgrading of Stones Corner.

Catherine also worked in the Commonwealth and Queensland public services and, at one time, owned and operated a small business and studied fine art and ceramics at Southbank TAFE. Just before her election to Council in 1997, she worked for the Brisbane Festival.

Born in Maryborough, Catherine Bermingham had a lifelong connection with rural Queensland. Her father Les Bermingham was a station master in the railway and her family moved to many small rural communities during her childhood. She lived in Linville, Eidsvold, Dirranbandi and went to Toowoomba in time to go to high school.

During her adult life she moved to many parts of rural Queensland including Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Nambour and Boonah.

She was also a keen artist and enjoyed her pottery and painting, with her home beautifully decorated with her colourful and inspiring work. Whilst she lived in Hoya, she volunteered and taught art at the Boonah Regional Art Gallery.

Catherine will also be remembered for her wonderful sense of humour and for her love of animals, wildlife and nature in general.

Importantly, Catherine was a fantastic mum and grandmother. She was rightly proud of her family and was always at the centre of their lives.

Catherine, a dear, treasured friend of so many, will be dearly missed.

Annerley Labor


Chaos is order of the day with Morrison Govt

Graham Perrett MP Federal Member for MoretonDuring this last Parliamentary sitting week, Mr Morrison and his Liberal-National Coalition Government vowed to use any tool or any ‘Canberra bubble’ political tactic to prevent the bill before parliament to allow for medical transfers from Nauru from coming to a vote. Extraordinarily, the Morrison Government did just that, stopping the Parliament and sending his team home early when there was still work to be done.

At the end of parliament sessions we usually sit late on the Thursday night or even Friday morning to enable legislation to move between the House of Representatives and the Senate to achieve concurrence. But not in 2019. Not under the Morrison Government, who simply allowed the House to adjourn.

This was all only about one thing, stopping the bill for medical transfers from Nauru to pass the Parliament with the support of Labor and the crossbench. He did this despite having other apparently critical pieces of legislation to pass, like his “big stick” energy divestment laws that potentially enable the privatisation of Queensland’s public electricity assets.

The chaos from within the Morrison Government has now completely overtaken the Parliament and ruined any semblance of a legislative agenda or national leadership.

Recently, Mr Morrison announced the 2019 sitting calendar doing two things. Firstly, confirming that the Parliament will only be sitting for ten days in the next eight months – so few sitting days in an eight month period has never happened since it commenced in 1901. Secondly, locking in a federal election to be held on either 11 or 18 May 2019.

2019 will be a big year. Bring it on!