State Conference 2014 - Annerley Branch Delegation The Annerley Branch has a proud record of contributing to policy debates within the Labor Party. Since its foundation, the Branch has adopted many resolutions across a wide diversity of policy areas. Importantly, several of these resolutions have become part of the Queensland ALP Platform and the Branch continues to campaign in support of many of the policy issues adopted.

Annerley Branch Resolutions

Resolutions of the Annerley Branch from 2008 to the present, which includes various policy matters, can be accessed at the following link:

Annerley Branch Register of Resolutions 2008-2020

Branch Policy Committees

The Annerley Branch views policy discussion and development as one of its most important activities and has established four broad policy committees to assist with its work. These committees are:

  • Economic Policy Committee,
  • Environment and Resources Policy Committee,
  • Governance, Defence & Foreign Policy Committee &
  • Social Policy Committee.

For Annerley Branch members interested in more information about these committees and how to be involved, please click here.

Branch Discussion Circles

The Annerley Branch periodically conducts informal policy deliberations known as ‘Discussion Circles’ to further debate important topical issues. Discussion Circles often convey a written communique to the Branch for further consideration and ongoing action. If you would like more information about our next Discussion Circle email info@annerleylabor.org

Australian Labor Party Policy Platforms