Agenda for Progress

Annerley Labor has been a long term supporter of the development, advocacy and implementation of policies that promote core progressive values such as democracy, equality, freedom, justice, inclusion, social co-operation and environmental sustainability.

Part of our efforts to achieve this is by identifying key policy positions that Annerley Labor will advocate and campaign for, working within the broader labour movement and the wider community.

In 2018, Annerley Labor developed, in liaison with other local ALP branches, the Agenda for Progress. Since its adoption, we are pleased that the Queensland Labor Government has adopted a State Human Rights Act and has decriminalised abortion. Our fight to achieve other components of the Agenda continues.

The Agenda for Progress, as adopted by the Annerley Labor in June 2018, is:

We believe in a secular and inclusive society based on human reason and compassion, that values and protects fundamental rights and freedoms, acknowledges and upholds the equality of its citizens and celebrates the uniqueness of its diversity.

We believe that governance of our society should be based on a democratic and representative system that values public participation and decision-making that is accountable, transparent and ethical.

We believe that elected governments should ensure that their laws are fair and just, that they will foster peace and international co-operation, actively promote an inclusive and sustainable economy to eliminate poverty, discrimination and exploitation, and protect our natural resources, our environment and its precious bio-diversity, for future generations.

What we wish to achieve:
1) A more inclusive economy that features a balanced and fairer industrial relations system, improved job security, corporate tax reform to ensure equitable contributions and closing the gap for women in employment.
2) Enactment of national and state based human rights legislation. (Note: State human rights legislation was adopted in 2019)
3) A sustainable, low carbon economy that is dependent upon renewable energy.
4) Decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland. (Note: This has since been achieved)
5) Establishment of national and state treaties with Indigenous Australians.
6) Reparation and redress for survivors of the stolen generations.
7) Cessation of offshore processing and indefinite detention for people seeking asylum in Australia.
8) Establishment of an Australian republic.
9) Increase in government education expenditure to at least 6% of national Gross Domestic Product.
10) A commitment for governments to invest in public institutions such as health, education, housing, aged care.
11) The provision, maintenance and enactment of national and state legislation that ensures the effective and ongoing protection of our natural resources, environment and bio-diversity.