My plan for Australia: Anthony Albanese

Tonight, I laid out Labor’s alternative plan for Australia.

It’s been the year from hell. The coronavirus pandemic has defined 2020, but it’s also been a year of neglect and apathy from the Morrison Government.

Scott Morrison’s Budget leaves people behind.

Not only did the Budget do nothing for the million unemployed, it reduced their support back to $40 a day.People will be forced into poverty by this Government in the middle of a pandemic.

Too many women are shut off from economic opportunity – earning less and retiring with less. The Budget did nothing for them.

Families are being pushed to breaking point by the cost of childcare. The Budget did nothing to help.

Aged care is broken. People are dying. The Budget did nothing to fix that.

They’ve racked up a trillion dollars of debt with nothing to show for it.

The Liberals don’t have a plan for you.

But we do.

We have a once-in-a-generation chance to rebuild our economy and our country for the better.

Let’s put security back into work – so people don’t have to choose between their bank account and their health.

Let’s transform childcare so it’s affordable and accessible to every family.

Let’s fix our aged care system so that it’s driven by dignity and care, not profit.

I know Australians can seize the opportunities coming in the recovery.

But we can’t do it alone.

It’s something Tom Uren, the closest person in my life I had to a father figure, summed up: The healthy looked after the sick, the strong looked after the weak, the young looked after the old.

We have a choice between the Liberals’ vision and Labor’s vision for Australia.

Do we return to the same work insecurity, the same cuts to TAFE and unis, the same second rate services for the bush, the same stale arguments over climate change?

I want us to do better.

I want to be your Prime Minister so we can create jobs for today, train workers for tomorrow, transform childcare, build things in Australia and power our recovery with clean energy.

Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Annerley Branch News – September 2020

State campaigning efforts intensify

Local efforts to support the re-election of the Palaszczuk Labor government are well underway, with more members joining the hustings over the past few weeks. With the state election due 31 October, activities to assist candidates have been ramping up, especially as pandemic related restrictions have eased.

Branch members have been busy helping with phone calling, street stalls and more recently, door knocking. The message at the moment is clear. Labor has provided strong leadership to combat the pandemic, the worst health crisis in 100 years, as well as navigate the course of a deep economic recession. Labor is busy implementing its economic recovery plan, whilst the LNP flounders from one policy mishap to another, as well as amazingly disregarding expert health advice on a pandemic that continues to affect communities across the globe.

Branch members with Jackie Trad MP

Public response on the street has, of course, been encouraging with many voters expressing their confidence in the way the Labor government has responded to the ‘double whammy’ of a pandemic and a recession.

Early voting for the election commences Monday 19 October and postal vote applications are also available for people wanting to avoid polling day.

For more information about local campaigning activities or voting, email

Campaign report release urged

The Annerley branch has called on the State Administrative Committee to release the report into the 2020 Brisbane City Council elections. In a resolution, adopted unanimously by members, the branch has expressed ‘deep concern’ regarding the decision not to share the report, viewing it as a ‘lack of transparency’ as well as a lack of respect to members.

The branch provided a substantial submission to the review in June and was hopeful that urgent issues raised in that document would be addressed. However, with the decision to bury the report, members are seeking its reversal and an opportunity to discuss its content.

Not surprisingly, the Brisbane Times was provided a leaked copy of the campaign review report, publishing an article that outlined that it would not be made available to rank and file ALP members. The branch has, however, written to the State Secretary to urge the immediate release of the report and is awaiting a formal response.

Members eager to retain environmental stance

Federal Labor MPs and ALP national conference delegates have been called on to maintain Labor’s existing commitments to environmental protection. Annerley branch members at their September meeting have supported a resolution demanding that the ALP national platform ‘continues to reflect the urgency of strong national environmental protection laws’.

In response to some sections of the Party seeking to water down aspects of the 2018 national policy platform as adopted at the last conference, members are eager to see Labor ‘continue to act as environmental champions’ and oppose any Morrison Government attempts to weaken existing laws.

According to the resolution, members are also keen to ‘actively and publicly campaign and work with others in the community for the attainment and implementation of effective environmental protection laws’.