Morrison’s hospital cuts are hurting Queensland

Scott Morrison’s health and hospital cuts are causing chaos in Queensland, with every hospital in the state’s South-East now running at full capacity.

This is what happens when you slash $160 million of hospital funding from the state – doctors and nurses are forced to try and do more with less, potentially compromising safety and quality of care.

This is what happens when you force up the cost of seeing a GP with a Medicare rebate freeze – more people end up in hospital emergency departments.

And this is what happens when you let private health insurance costs spiral out of control – people ditch their cover and end up back in the public system even as private hospitals go out of business.

If the Liberals are allowed to lock in their hospital cuts for another five years we will see more of this chaos across the country.

A Shorten Labor Government on the other hand will reverse the Liberal cuts to hospitals by investing an extra $2.8 billion.

We will take pressure off the cost of seeing a GP by ending the Government’s freeze within 50 days of winning office.

And we will cap private health insurance premium increases so people stay insured and take pressure off the public system.

This is all part of Labor’s Fair Go Action Plan to fix our hospitals and strengthen Medicare. Only Labor can be trusted to fix Queensland’s – and the nation’s – hospitals.

Catherine King MP, Shadow Minister for Health


ALP commits to fixing Coopers Plains crossing

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Cooper’s Plan rail crossing

Federal Labor’s $73 million investment will be contingent upon matching funding from both the State Government and the Brisbane City Council.

A Shorten Labor Government will contribute $73 million to help eliminate one of South-East Queensland’s worst traffic black spots – the Boundary Road level crossing at Coopers Plains.
The road overpass will significantly boost productivity by reducing traffic congestion, while also improving road safety for local residents.

The Coopers Plains level crossing traverses three separate rail tracks on the Beenleigh and Gold Coast lines. The boom gates are lowered 138
times each day, causing frustration for motorists who must wait for the trains to pass.

With as many as 1,000 cars and trucks passing the level-crossing each hour, there have been numerous accidents, including 28 cases of cars hitting the boom gates over the past seven years.

That’s too many close calls.

Studies show that the number of passenger and freight trains using these lines will increase in coming years and that inaction will lead to more congestion, a reduction in productivity and even more frustration for motorists. The Palaszczuk Labor Government is currently preparing the business case for this important project.

Unfortunately, the Brisbane City Council has committed to contribute 15 per cent of the cost – well short of the 50 per cent contribution it has made to similar projects on Brisbane’s north side.

Federal Labor believes that it is time for the three levels of government to join forces and fix this black spot once and for all.

Federal Labor is keen to focus heavily on tackling traffic congestion, not only with significant investment in better public transport, but also by improving roads through practical projects such as the elimination of the Coopers Plains Crossing.

Federal Labor has a strong record of delivering for Brisbane’s south side.
It was the former Federal Labor Government, as a result of representations from Moreton MP, Graham Perrett, that fully-funded the $280 million upgrade of the intersection between Mains Road and Kessels Road. Completed in mid-2014, this project has greatly improved safety and reduced congestion along the corridor that connects the busy Ipswich, Pacific and Gateway motorways.