Labor launches ‘Don’t Pocket Our Pension’ campaign

Dont Pocket our pensionFederal Labor is encouraging pensioners to send a clear message to Tony Abbott: Don’t Pocket Our Pension.

According to the Australian Council of Social Services, Tony Abbott’s proposed changes to the indexation of the pension will leave tens of thousands Australians up to $80 a week worse off within ten years.

Recent research shows that if Tony Abbott’s measures are approved, the pension will drop from 28 per cent of average weekly earnings today to just 16 per cent by 2055.

Labor has repeatedly reminded voters that before the 2013 federal election, Tony Abbott promised pensioners that there would be no cuts to their pension and now he is breaking that promise.

With the Abbott Government already trying to impose new taxes on medicine, fuel and visits to the doctor, a cut to the pension is seen as ‘the last straw’ for many pensioners.

Federal Labor also fears that Tony Abbott’s proposed changes risk creating a permanent underclass of pensioners across Australia. And with plans to increase the Age pension to 70, when workers do finally retire, they will be struggling to make ends meet.

The “Don’t Pocket Our Pension” campaign aims to send a message that Labor will continue to support pensioners by opposing Tony Abbott’s cuts to the pension.

To support Labor’s campaign, please visit

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