Turnbull’s GST ‘table’ looking bare

A quick wordDespite Malcolm Turnbull’s protestations to the contrary, the populace is clearly being softened up for an increase in the GST.

It is likely to form part of a larger reform package that seems likely to include changes in superannuation concessions to pay for personal tax cuts.

Multinational profit-shifting has reached an impasse in the Senate as the crossbench demands greater tax transparency for companies with an annual turnover of more than $100 million.

As for broadening the base, Treasurer Scott Morrison has already expressed strong reservations regarding health and education. He has not, however, ruled out fresh food or financial services. He has also been critical of the Queensland and Victorian option to increase the Medicare Levy, branding it as an increase in income tax.

It seems that everything is not on the table after all.

Frank Carroll

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