Turnbull delivers ‘cruel’ Christmas present

Graham_Perrett 2
Graham Perrett, Federal Member for Moreton

Labor MP, Graham Perrett has issued a festive season warning that the Turnbull Government has delivered a cruel Christmas present for Australian families by reintroducing its savage cuts to Family Tax Benefits.

Labor is worried that many Australian families will start 2016 the same way they started 2015 – with savage cuts to their budgets hanging over their heads.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to Family Tax Benefits will hurt more than 1.6 million Australian families, including single parents”, Mr Perrett warned.

Graham believes that some families could lose as much as $4,700. “Just like the proposed GST, this will deliver a massive hit to family budgets around Australia”, he claimed.

The Turnbull Government has also reintroduced a number of cuts introduced in the first Abbott/Hockey 2014 Budget, including abolishing the Education Entry Payment and the Pensioner Education Supplement.

“These payments to low income Australians and help with the cost of education. Sadly the end of Tony Abbott’s Prime Ministership does not mean the end of attacks on Australian families”, Mr Perrett said.

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