Turnbull turns back the clock on education

Kate Jones MPQueensland Education Minister Kate Jones (pictured) has slammed Malcolm Turnbull for trying to destroy a decade of reform to improve education for all Australian students.

Ms Jones said all states and sectors had worked together to ensure students, no matter where they live and what school they attend, had access to quality education.

“For the better part of a decade Australia has been moving towards a national approach to education with state, independent and Catholic sectors working together,” she said.

“Every state and every education sector in Australia has signed on to national professional standards, national curriculum and national quality standards.

“Every child, no matter where they live, deserves access to quality education in all schools no matter which state they live in or which school they attend.

“Who would have thought Malcolm Turnbull would make Tony Abbot look progressive?”
Ms Jones said all Australian students, principals and teachers deserved better.

“The Turnbull Government has an appalling record on education,” she said.

“How do you build a nation of innovators when the national government walks away from funding education?”

Ms Jones said the Palaszczuk Government was committed to providing a quality education for every student at all schools.

“We value education which is why we are delivering a record $9 billion education budget in 2015-16,” she said.

The Turnbull Government has come under increasing criticism for its failure to articulate both a sound tax policy and its vision for the future of education funding for the nation.

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