Turnbull a ‘sell out’ on marriage equality

Opinion 2Malcolm Turnbull’s shelving of plans for a plebiscite on marriage equality is yet another blow to the LGBTI community in Australia.

This further delay is more evidence that the Prime Minister is a sell out on marriage equality, and that he says one thing and does another.

Australians have every right to be angry at the Prime Minister who has made so many promises when it comes to marriage equality and has broken every single one of them.

He is beholden to the right wing of the Liberal Party on marriage equality – to Tony Abbott, to Cory Bernardi.

Malcolm Turnbull is using the same delaying tactics as Tony Abbott to deprive LGBTI Australians of equal rights in this country.

If only he was prepared to show a bit of leadership and a bit of courage, we could make marriage equality a reality now.

Even John Howard supports a free vote in the Parliament – Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t.

Given the expense of recalling parliament, Malcolm Turnbull could use the opportunity to hold a free vote on Marriage equality before he runs off to an election.

Malcolm Turnbull said that he didn’t want this to be an election issue. It will be unless he stands up to the right wing of the Liberal Party, and puts an end to this farce immediately.

The last thing this country needs is an election dominated by divisive rhetoric against LGBTI Australians and their families.

If Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t have the guts to act on his stated conviction, then Labor will introduce legislation for marriage equality into the Parliament within 100 days of being elected.

Tanya Plibersek MP and Terri Butler MP

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