Election 2016: Labor ‘ready, willing and able’

Opinion 2I know that you were all surprised by the shock admission from the Prime Minister that he will be visiting the Governor General to call an early double dissolution election in July, because the Senate “irresponsibly” rejected his commands to pass the legislation to set up the ABCC.

Mr Turnbull determined that this was such a critical issue, he requested the Governor General to recall parliament and demanded that the house of review would rubber stamp government policy.

Where is the emergency? Where was the issue of great public concern? Was it a budget crisis? Or was there an imminent threat of destruction?

As there is a clear schedule for an election later this year, it is difficult to understand the justification for the significant expense of a full parliament recall, the exceptional decision to change the date of the budget and the overt targeting of a group of cross bench senators, whose political futures have already been challenged by the recent electoral laws.

Over the last month, the media has been full of the PM’s threats of a double dissolution, as well as images of himself and Michaelia Cash either being forthright in their defence of freedom and attacks on unions or in recent days, kissing large transport trucks. … at least it’s a change from infants.

The threats are over and the election has begun. We are ready and already have a suite of considered, costed and detailed policies while the Turnbull government has almost none as inequity grows apace in our society.

All that the Turnbull/Abbott government has in its election armoury is fear and deception but if we are to win office it will need every single member and supporter to get out into the community and spread the word – we are ready, willing and able; the Turnbull government clearly is not.

Senator Claire Moore, Labor Senator for Queensland

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