It’s time to vote for a positive Australia

Opinion 2This looks like being an extremely tight election as the genuine concerns about the fate of Medicare and other essential social services under a Turnbull/Morrison government increase.

The Coalition has form in this regard.

Historically they have been opposed to a national health system and have frequently attempted to sink it or dismantle it by degrees. As factual material contained in under the Health section of this newsletter attests Turnbull/Morrison are already planning to privatise key elements of both Medicare and Veteran’s Health.

So it is vital that in the remaining days of this election campaign that we use every possible avenue to convince those around us to vote for a positive Australia, a better Australia, a great Australia by supporting Bill Shorten and the team.

In many ways even the most independent observer should forecast our victory because for two years now we have clearly out-performed the Turnbull/Abbott government, and here’s why.

Two years of hard work in policy development have us miles ahead of the Coalition in terms of real vision, an actual plan and a strategy for good stable government.

What are the Coalitions policies? It’s hard to find any.

What is their plan? What is its detail?

There is none, they don’t have one.

But perhaps the most telling feature of the appeal both sides are making for the electorate’s votes is Labor’s reform program that is about putting people first.

Just examine the policies and strategies outlined in these pages.

There is fair tax reform and a sensible and disciplined strategy for budget repair.

We will get the NBN that is so crucial, back on track.

Unlike out opponents we will passionately support Australian science and innovation.

Labor is the only major party to be given a tick in all six key health areas in the Australian Health and Hospitals Association Health Policy Scorecard.

We are the Party committed to continue the incredibly successful Gonski and NDIS reforms. Then there’s this:
• National Suicide Prevention Strategy,
• Strategies for tackling domestic violence,
• A new approach to our festering drug and alcohol issues,
• Better support for those living with dementia and a focus on improving men’s health, and
• Real support for small business, like tradies owed $3 billion for unpaid commercial construction projects, ending the rorts in the labour hire sector and the exploitation endemic in the temporary work visa system.

It’s time to convince the doubters and spread our positive word.

Claire Moore, Senator for Queensland

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