Annerley Labor supports CUB boycott

News Update2The Annerley Branch, at its October general meeting, unanimously adopted a resolution expressing support for workers at the Carlton & United Breweries (CUB), who are currently fighting for fair wages and conditions at their workplace.

To help the CUB workers in their struggle to retain their hard-fought for conditions, unions have assisted with a public boycott of all CUB products.

Since the announcement of the boycott, many bottle shops across the country have reported a downturn in sales of their CUB stock – especially during the recent AFL and NRL grand final weekend.

ACTU secretary Dave Oliver has hailed the boycott and said that it showed consumers would not stand for “sham” processes.

To demonstrate its support for the CUB workers, Annerley Branch members resolved to also publicly endorse the associated boycott – ensuring that no CUB products would be available at any event organised by the Branch – and has called on the public to get behind the workers at CUB.

The full text of the Annerley Branch resolution is as follows: –

The Annerley Branch believes that all Australian workers should be treated equitably and be guaranteed fair pay and working conditions commensurate with their employment. We also assert that access to secure employment and sustainable wages is fundamental to a more prosperous and equitable society.

This Branch, however, notes:
• the alarming rise in job insecurity across many industries whereby 40% of workers are now in precarious employment arrangements, that is, they are either casual or contractual; and
• recent ABS figures which reveal that the number of workers without leave entitlements has grown to 25% of the workforce.

We recognise that an example of the unfortunate result of this current trend in workplace arrangements is the ongoing industrial dispute involving Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) wherein 55 of its critical maintenance workers were sacked and informed that they may re-apply for their jobs only if they accepted a 65% pay cut.

The Annerley Branch condemns the actions of CUB relating to the treatment of their loyal workforce and therefore:
– stands in solidarity with CUB workers fighting for their pay and conditions, and
– expresses its unquestionable support for the current consumer boycott of all CUB products and calls on all members of the public to do the same. (resolution ends).

For more information about the resolution, please email

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