Coalition has ‘given up on governing’

This previous week witnessed more unedifying behaviour in our Federal Parliament.

The Morrison/Dutton Government has done everything it can not to govern in the interests of the nation.

From restricting the sitting of the nation’s Parliament to a paltry 10 days in the first eight months of 2019, to filibusting to avoid consideration of legislation such as a Royal Commission into the treatment and abuse of our disabled citizens and delaying other important policy considerations or decisions.

They have no policy in regard to the most vital of policy issues: climate change, energy, infrastructure, low wages and inequality, and just this week a scathing report by the powerful Liberal controlled Parliamentary audit committee has found that the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government failed to obey federal laws requiring school funds to be distributed based on need. The report details concerns about serious compliance problems, “inadequate administrative arrangements“, and a “lack of transparency and accountability”.

This is a government that has given up on governing that has chosen not to govern.

In the place of decent government, the Morrison/Dutton team have resorted to the most base of tactics, lies, deceit, the misuse of proper procedures and fear mongering. All in a desperate and immoral attempt to save their political skins. Australia deserves better than this.

Senator Claire Moore


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