Back to the future

What an interesting revelation that electric vehicles could make up 40% of the country’s fleet by 2025. When Bill Shorten dared to suggest that 50% of new car sales could be achievable by 2030, the backlash was histrionic.

Scott Morrison bewailed the end of our camping weekends. Michaelia Cash said Labor was coming after our utes. Shock jock Alan Jones urged our PM to make the electric vehicle a cause celebre throughout the election campaign.

The same howls of outrage occurred with other progressive policies such as cutting emissions and increasing the percentage of renewables in our energy mix, the cost of which would have been less than one per cent of GDP.

So, it’s back to short-termism and business as usual in a nation that has the potential to be a leader on the world stage rather than one of “quiet Australians” that accept what is essentially a regressive status quo.

Frank Carroll

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