Skills crisis to continue under Morrison Govt

A new report reveals that Scott Morrison has shortchanged TAFE, training, and apprenticeship programs by almost $1 billion, despite the fact Australia is suffering a national shortage of tradies.

The Federal Education Department’s latest annual report confirms that since 2014, the Liberals have failed to spend a massive $919 million of their own TAFE and training budget – an underspend of more than 17 per cent.

Apprentice and tradie programs have been worst affected – including apprentice incentives for business, support to help people finish apprenticeships, and a fund designed to train Australians in areas of need.

If the Liberals and Nationals don’t do something serious to fix the skills crisis they have created, we could be looking at the extinction of the Australian tradie. Under the Liberals, there are 150,000 fewer apprentices and trainees.

The Australian Industry Group says 75 per cent of businesses surveyed are struggling to find the qualified workers they need. Yet there are almost two million Australians who are unemployed or under-employed.

By locking Australians out of education, the Liberals are locking Australians out of jobs. By presiding over a skills crisis, the Liberals are holding Australian businesses back.

Australians deserves excellent TAFEs and universities – unfortunately the Liberals have gutted both.

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