No worker should be left behind – ACTU

Although welcoming the recently announced wage subsidy scheme, the union movement has expressed concerns regarding the workers that the Prime Minister has ‘left behind’.

According to the ACTU, 40% of casuals have been in their jobs for less than 12 months – that’s more than one million workers who won’t qualify for a cent of the government’s subsidy. On top of that, there is also another one million temporary visa holders who wont be eligible. As a result, the ACTU is demanding that the Morrison Government immediately develop a plan for them.

“Once again it is up to us, as the union movement, to stand up for working people in this uncertain time”, ACTU Secretary, Ms McManus has stated.

The ACTU is urging people to add their name to their national wages subsidy petition and to demonstrate support by tweeting a message of solidarity with the hashtags #wagesubsidyforall and #noworkerleftbehind.

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