ABC cuts the wrong priority

The ABC is an institution that all Australians cherish. It informs, educates, entertains and even saves lives during emergencies. Unfortunately, the Morrison government only sees the ABC as a budget item to be cut.

This financial year, the ABC has covered over 900 emergency broadcasting events compared to 371 in 2018-19. Australians rely on and trust ABC provided information during emergencies.

The ABC’s emergency coverage saved lives during the summer bushfires and staff came off leave to ensure Australians were kept informed. Now 250 dedicated ABC staff face the sack as a result of Scott Morrison’s cuts.

The Coalition’s priorities are all wrong. Australians have already lost substantial regional and suburban media over the last few months with the closure of many local newspapers.

Labor will ensure that Australia has a well-funded broadcaster. One that tells local stories and keeps power accountable, while providing vital information during emergencies.

Our national broadcaster needs to be there when Australians need it most. That’s why Labor will reverse Scott Morrison’s $83.7 million cut to the ABC to save regional jobs, protect critical emergency broadcasting and support local news and content.

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