Annerley Branch News – February 2021

It’s time for constitutional recognition

Annerley Branch members have declared constitutional recognition of our First Nations people as a ‘priority’ and will seek to actively and publicly campaign for change through a referendum.

In expressing support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart – which calls for a constitutionally enshrined voice to Parliament, the establishment of a Commission to supervise a process of “agreement-making”, and a process of ‘truth-telling’ between the Australian Government and First Nations people – branch members have vowed to work closely with others in the community on the issue.

Federal Labor has already clearly committed to develop a proposal for constitutional recognition, which is based on ‘broad support of the First Nations people’. However, it is recognised that a successful referendum on a ‘voice to Parliament’ will require strong community and bi-partisan support, which will necessitate a massive grassroots movement similar to the marriage equality issue a few years ago.

Calf roping ban supported

Joining the growing number of Queenslanders opposed to calf roping at rodeo events, the Annerley Branch has urged the Palaszczuk Government to implement a ban and will formerly propose an amendment to that effect in the Party’s state policy platform.

Supporting calls from Animal Liberation Queensland, Animals Australia, RSPCA Qld, Australian Veterinary Association and the Animal Welfare League Qld, the Branch has noted community sentiment on the issue which views the practice as ‘cruel’, requiring a ban. Already states such as Victoria and South Australia has instituted a similar prohibition on the activity.

The Branch has since written to the Minister for Agriculture, Hon Mark Furner MP, informing him of the resolution and the plan to push for a State Platform change at this years ALP State Conference in Mackay.

In addition to the change in public opinion, opponents of calf roping also cite new perspectives expressed in animal welfare science that support claims regarding cruelty.

Order of Australia needs change

Outraged by the insensitive and controversial comments of Christian extremist, Margaret Court, the Annerley Branch has condemned her recent granting of the Companion of the Order of Australia.

In a resolution adopted by the Branch, members expressed that Ms Court’s sustained campaign against the LBGTIQ+ community was ‘offensive, hurtful and repugnant’. As a result, the Branch is calling for urgent reform of the Council for the Order of Australia which is currently dominated by Coalition Government appointments, including almost fifty percent recommended by the Prime Minister.

Branch members wish to see the next Federal Labor government undertake a review relating to:
• the process of appointment to the Council for the Order of Australia;
• the overall composition of the Council, specifically to reduce the number of politically partisan appointments;
• the process of nomination and awarding the Order of Australia, including developing a process to facilitate the awarding to a greater diversity of recipients, including those less prominent and well-known members of society; and
• the criteria for receiving an Order of Australia, specifically to reduce the possibility of awarding to recipients who promote divisive and discriminatory views and practices.

One thought on “Annerley Branch News – February 2021

  1. Thanks for posting things like this and the branch podcast, it’s really cool to hear your branch’s perspective on things

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