No Christmas miracle for Morrison

In the guise of a ‘modern-day Moses’, Scott Morrison’s cry was freedom and to let my people go, urging a “culture of responsibility” to take precedence over a “culture of control and mandates”. New South Wales premier, Dominic Perrottet, had already led the charge. Masks were no longer required and other restrictions were loosened. Tony Abbott was copious in his praise for the premier, saying we could now “look forward to a decent Christmas.”

Omar Khorshid, the AMA president, saw things differently. He warned that lives were unnecessarily being put at risk. Unfortunately for Morrison, the ‘COVID Sea’ did not part as cases surged towards 40,000 in NSW and hospital staff were also infected, Perrottet had no alternative but to reinstate sensible restrictions. Patience, not instant gratification to satisfy sectors of the moneyed class, should be the watchword as we make our way through the pandemic.

Palmer preference danger

A month before the last federal election, Clive Palmer made a preference deal with the Liberal Party. The latter agreed to place the UAP ahead of Labor in both the lower house and the senate. Prior to that Palmer had been relentlessly disparaging of both major parties. But as the election closed in, and Labor was still leading in the polls, he reassessed his position. He clearly desired that a Morrison status quo was in his best interest. The same pattern is now being replicated. If Labor maintains its lead on the Coalition well into this new year, don’t be surprised if another Morrison-Palmer deal eventuates.

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