Coalition ‘eschews transparency’

Vicki Campion suggests that no matter how we vote, we will end up with a federal corruption agency.

One wonders about that.

The Coalition promised one for 3 years and never delivered. They knew the draft they had on offer did not pass muster. Top constitutional lawyers called it out as having been deliberately written to spare politicians.

When Independent MP, Helen Haines, came up with a proposal for a much more robust watchdog, it was supported by a majority of MPs but defeated on a technicality. Scott Morrison argued against it, alleging Gladys Berejiklian had been “done over” by such a body, even though her alleged breach of public trust was still being investigated.

Morrison’s response presents a government that eschews transparency. All too often when things get uncomfortable in Question time, Peter Dutton, Leader of the House, jumps up and says, “I move that the member no longer be heard.”

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