Election about ‘way of life’

A recent Courier Mail editorial (26 Feb) urges us to focus on economic issues as we decide which party we’ll choose at the next election.

The latest budget update from December shows the deficit will total $99 billion this fiscal year, $99 billion in the next, and $85 billion the year after. Even four years from now, the deficit is still expected to top $50 billion, and Commonwealth net debt is set to soon blow past $1 trillion.

We know that both the Prime Minister and Josh Frydenberg are familiar with the treasury portfolio, but both contributed to doubling the deficit even before the pandemic. Anthony Albanese is accused of lacking fiscal experience even though he has not professed any expertise in that area. He relies for that on shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers, whose credentials and qualifications are well known.

We are also urged not to allow the election campaign to be overshadowed by “trite, superficial distractions”. Well, we cannot pretend that rorts on a mega-scale did not happen. We cannot ignore the acceleration of deaths from COVID-19 this year and the terrible toll it has taken on people in aged care.

We cannot ignore how the political debate on security has been turned to divide parties on ideological grounds. We are all Australians, treasuring our democracy, our sovereignty and our way of life.

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