Annerley Branch News – March 2022

Annerley ALP rebukes Caucus on Religious Bill

Members of the Annerley Branch have unanimously adopted a resolution rebuking the Federal Labor Caucus for its ambiguous stance on the recent religious discrimination bill.

Whilst welcoming the demise of the divisive legislation, which was ultimately dropped by the Morrison government, members expressed their deep concern regarding how the Federal Caucus had handled the matter.

The resolution explained that the caucus stance had “caused considerable distress to many Party members, supporters, members of the public and, in particular, the trans and rainbow communities”. The resolution further argued that “elected Labor representatives should be clear in their resolve to publicly oppose legislation that is inconsistent with our Party Platform and the core values of our Party”.

In addition to the concerns expressed by members, the Branch has again called on Federal Labor to commit to “the creation of comprehensive national human rights legislation, which includes measures to address religious vilification”.

Multi member Council wards supported

The Annerley Branch is seeking an amendment to the ALP State policy platform to introduce multi-member wards in local councils across Queensland.

Firm in a belief that our democratic system should ensure that elected representatives accurately reflect the community, the Branch has called for a community consultation process to explore using proportional representation and multi-member wards for future local elections.

Supporters of the push have suggested that local councils are often considered the level of government closest to our communities, and therefore the establishment of multi-member local government electorates, with candidates elected by proportional representation, would further enhance that view.

The amendment will be submitted to the Party’s Policy Co-ordination Council in the lead up to this years State Conference, due to be held later in 2022.

Branch supports local flood recovery

In recognising its incredible work in the aftermath of the recent local flooding, the Annerley Branch has donated $350 to Community Plus, Yeronga. The local community organisation has been instrumental in setting up a 7 day a week ‘Flood Recovery Hub’ to support those affected by the devastating floods. Because of this, branch members were eager to help support their valuable ongoing work.

Community Plus also helped organise a range of vital support services that included food, clothing and other essential supplies. The efforts of so many local groups and residents, to help those in need ,had again demonstrated the resilience and strength of the community, which was hit hard in 2011.

Many branch members also volunteered to staff local ‘flood assistance’ information and BBQ stalls, as well as assist with ‘welfare’ doorknocks over the course of the following weeks.

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