Cracking the code for a gender equal future

This year’s International Women’s Day theme of “Cracking the Code” highlights the role that bold, transformative ideas, inclusive technologies, and accessible education can play in combatting discrimination and the marginalisation of women globally.

The last few years have shown how important it is that our communities are able to remain connected, even through global upheaval, and the important role digital technologies can play in maintaining that connection.

But, the last few years have also highlighted the dangers of marginalised groups of the community having restricted access to technologies and opportunities others take for granted.

We need to ensure that all people, and particularly all women and girls, have access to the exciting opportunities of the future available to us all through technological innovation.

One way we can do this is by ensuring that women and girls have access to new technologies and educational opportunities in science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM) industries.

Locally, our branch is always looking for ways to innovate to ensure that everyone has equal access. Some of the strategies we have implemented include offering hybrid meetings where participants are welcomed face and face and via Zoom. This has been particularly beneficial for the women in our branch who have primary caregiving roles which may limit their ability to attend traditional face to face meetings.

Additionally we have embraced digital technologies such as social media, podcasting and blogs in order to connect and engage with all of our members.

A lot of women, especially those with family commitments, are time poor and by providing multiple options for engagement with branch activities and information we are aiming to keep everyone engaged and connected.

So this year, consider how you can ensure you are engaging women and girls through inclusive technologies so that we can crack the code for a gender equal future.

International Women’s Day is held on 8th March each year.

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