Morrison rorts fix way too late

Apologists for the Bridget McKenzie saga argue fatuously that this is all simply an attempt by Labor to undermine the Morrison government’s election victory.

But this is not a simple, politically partisan issue.

Former Liberal leader, John Hewson, who played a leading hand in the demise of Labor’s Ros Kelly, asserts that McKenzie’s actions are far worse. He writes that “this is an open-and-shut case of the abuse of her position for political gain.”

Nationals frontbencher, Darren Chester, has refused to back McKenzie, lamenting that “the greatest deficit we face now … is the deficit in the trust between us and the public”.

A number of journalists usually unsympathetic to Labor including Niki Savva, Peter van Onselen and now Andrew Bolt have decried the blatant bias associated with this sorry mess.

As it becomes apparent that decisions made by McKenzie’s office did not align with the recommendations of Sport Australia, but did show a close correlation with the submissions of marginal electorates targeted by the Coalition, Scott Morrison now declares that he could extend the funding of projects to some of those clubs that missed out. Too late Mr. Morrison, the election is over!

Frank Carroll