Turnbull retains ‘pathetic’ climate change policy

A quick wordA wave of euphoria has swept through much of the political commentariat applauding the super self-confidence of new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who is undoubtedly capable of selling ice to Eskimos.

Yet less is said about Turnbull’s avowed intent to adopt all Coalition policies and thereby retain the Abbott government mantle in all but name. This includes a commitment to Direct Action, the government’s woefully inadequate response to climate change. Calling it an ‘Emissions Reduction Fund’ does not change the fact that it presupposes that taxpayers will have to stump up to pay the big polluters not to pollute. This $2.5 billion scheme is an inept “king without his clothes” non-market based approach.

The government’s 2030 emissions reduction target, has been placed “at or near the bottom” of comparable countries by the government’s former Climate Change Authority Chair, Bernie Fraser. Even Lord Deben, the British government’s adviser on these matters, has described Australia’s efforts as “pathetic”.

Frank Carroll

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