Members show their support for Women’s House

News Update2Branch members have demonstrated their strong support for addressing family and domestic violence by getting behind a special community fundraiser for Women’s House. Attending a special movie night screening of the 2014 hit “Pride”, many members and supporters were eager to help raise much-needed funds for the well-regarded and respected community organisation.


At the event, Annerley Branch President Sasha Marin, acknowledged the contributions of a wide range of people who helped make the night successful and especially noted the support of Hon Jackie Trad MP, Matt Campbell, ALP candidate for Coorparoo (pictured) and Mucktar Wesseh, ALP candidate for Calamvale.

Women’s House was overwhelmingly chosen by branch members in recognition of the valuable work they undertake in helping women who have faced violence. The organisation, based in Brisbane’s inner south, is currently celebrating 40 years of outstanding service and support to the community.

For some time, Annerley Branch members have been very keen to assist in the ongoing fight to tackle systemic family violence, with the movie night adopted as a prime example of how the rank and file can work together to provide support for local community organisations such as Women’s House.

Recently, the Australian Labor Party released its policy blueprint to tackle the growing problem of family and domestic violence, with a commitment to implementing appropriate funding and strategies, as well as working across all levels of government. Overall, Labor’s package aims to deliver more than $70m over three years in targeted funding to ensure those faced with domestic violence receive the assistance they need. One of the key parts of the policy calls for a National Crisis Summit to urgently address the issue.

For more information about the Federal Labor’s policies on domestic violence, visit

For more information about Women’s House, please visit

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