Morrison’s hospital cuts are hurting Queensland

Scott Morrison’s health and hospital cuts are causing chaos in Queensland, with every hospital in the state’s South-East now running at full capacity.

This is what happens when you slash $160 million of hospital funding from the state – doctors and nurses are forced to try and do more with less, potentially compromising safety and quality of care.

This is what happens when you force up the cost of seeing a GP with a Medicare rebate freeze – more people end up in hospital emergency departments.

And this is what happens when you let private health insurance costs spiral out of control – people ditch their cover and end up back in the public system even as private hospitals go out of business.

If the Liberals are allowed to lock in their hospital cuts for another five years we will see more of this chaos across the country.

A Shorten Labor Government on the other hand will reverse the Liberal cuts to hospitals by investing an extra $2.8 billion.

We will take pressure off the cost of seeing a GP by ending the Government’s freeze within 50 days of winning office.

And we will cap private health insurance premium increases so people stay insured and take pressure off the public system.

This is all part of Labor’s Fair Go Action Plan to fix our hospitals and strengthen Medicare. Only Labor can be trusted to fix Queensland’s – and the nation’s – hospitals.

Catherine King MP, Shadow Minister for Health

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