Dodgy surplus built on NDIS underspend

The Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government has shamefully built almost a quarter of their projected budget surplus on underspends in the NDIS.
Next year, Scott Morrison has counted a $1.6 billion underspend towards the budget bottom line.

This is a disgrace, not an achievement.

It’s $1.6 billion in services and support that people with disability will miss out on because the Government has botched the NDIS rollout at every turn.

It comes on top of a shocking $3.4 billion underspend in the 2018-19 financial year, and over $6 billion to date.
This is a direct result of delays in the NDIS rollout – with over 77,000 people missing out on the NDIS this year alone.

And it is a consequence of people being unable to use their plans because services and support are simply not available.
The NDIS has fallen into crisis under this Government.

People are getting poor quality plans; they are not being treated with respect; services are being pushed to the brink; and waiting times are completely unacceptable.

After six year of neglect, the Government’s knee-jerk announcement on NDIS prices – six weeks out from an election – is too little, too late.

The bottom line is, Australians with disability are the ones paying so Scott Morrison can bolster his books.

Catherine King MP, Shadow Minister for Health

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