Branch News – June 2020

Branch supports Uyghur community in China

The Annerley Branch has endorsed a resolution calling on the Federal Labor Parliamentary Party to publicly voice support for the Amnesty International campaign regarding the ongoing persecution of the Uyghur people in China.

The Uyghurs, an ethnic minority with their own language and culture existing within the Chinese Peoples Republic, have been subjected to mass detention and intense surveillance for the past three years. Amnesty International, which is leading a campaign to highlight the issue, have estimated that over one million people are being held in “transformation through education” centres in Xinjiang.

Chinese authorities have also been accused of targeting Uyghur diaspora communities around the world through various methods such as social messaging apps to track them, intimidating phone calls to extract personal information, and threatening various individuals when they speak out.

The Branch resolution is being conveyed to Federal Opposition Spokesperson, Senator Penny Wong for a response.

Local community groups receive support

Two hard working, well respected community groups have recently received a donation from the Annerley Branch for their ongoing support for southside people in need. The Branch gave $190 each to Micah Projects and to Community Plus, Yeronga to help fund their valuable work with the homeless and those doing it extra tough during the current pandemic.

Both organisations have indicated an increase in demand for their services over the past few months and Branch members were eager to express their support by endorsing the donation, which is part of Annerley Labor’s annual ‘people in need’ program.

Call for Queensland Government to adopt ‘dying with dignity’ laws

The Annerley Branch has voiced its support for the immediate introduction of ‘dying with dignity’ legislation, calling on the Queensland Parliamentary Labor Party to implement the news laws during the term of the current Parliament. A resolution, adopted by the Branch at its June meeting, also references the recommendation of the Parliamentary Inquiry into aged care, end-of-life and palliative care and voluntary assisted dying, which reported on 31 March 2020.

The Premier, however, announced on 20 May that the proposed laws would be deferred until after the 2020 election, scheduled for 31 October. However, Branch members believe it is time for appropriate laws to be adopted, in line with the growing community sentiment in support of the issue.

New approach needed Post-Covid-19

Annerley Labor members participating in a recent branch discussion event have issued a communique outlining the policy emphasis needed to support a ‘post-COVID-19’ world.

Highlighting support for the 8-point plan as advocated by the ACTU, the communique stresses the need to improve social, health and economic outcomes for people and communities experiencing disadvantage as a result of the biggest worldwide crisis in generations. This includes enhancing workplace laws and safety nets to support workers as well as those adversely affected by the pandemic, boost training and social services and revive our manufacturing sector.

The communique also points out that the pandemic revealed that governments at all levels need to adopt and maintain a more co-ordinated approach to ensuring that communities have access to the necessary support services that help provide for the needs of all Australians. As a result, members are keen to explore options, in liaison with relevant ALP elected representatives, regarding the need to properly resource relief assistance measures in our local area.

The communique has been endorsed by the Annerley Branch at its June general meeting. For more information about the communique, email

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